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Three Times To Buy Single-Serving Wine Bottles

When you picture a wine bottle, you likely think of a bottle that is large enough to hold a significant volume of wine. While the majority of the bottles for sale at your local discount wine store fit this description, you'll also see other products. One option that may catch your attention is a single-serving wine bottle. These bottles will vary slightly in size but are designed to hold enough wine to fill one standard wine glass. You'll find several different types of wine in these bottles, and you may wish to buy some of them for the following occasions.


It's common to serve wine from large bottles when you host a party, but if you're thinking about sending your guests home with party favors, single-serving bottles of wine can be a good option. People often give this favor out at weddings, but you can feel free to do so at any other gatherings. For example, if you're hosting an anniversary party, single-serving bottles can be a good parting gift. Think about the wine you're buying in a large volume for the party, and then buy some single-serving bottles of the same types. When someone enjoys a particular type at the gathering, you can send them home with a small bottle of the wine in question.


If you're going to be picnicking in an area in which alcohol consumption is permitted, you might like the idea of packing some wine in your cooler. Unless you're picnicking with a large group of people, having one or more large wine bottles will be impractical. Instead, you can buy a few single-serving bottles for you and your group members to enjoy. Doing so will ensure that no one is overserved, and you won't have to worry about traveling home with an open wine bottle.


People who buy alcohol for tailgating at sporting events often consume beer, but it's highly possible that some members of your tailgating group aren't beer fans. This can be another good time to buy a few single-serving bottles of wine for these individuals to enjoy. Consider what food you're grilling and shop accordingly. If you're grilling burgers and steaks, for example, red wine can work well. For chicken or fish, consider buying white wine. Browse your local discount wine store for some single-serving wine bottles that you might wish to use for these and other occasions.

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